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mudac reveals its 2023 exhibition program

An exploration of the museum’s collection, a pioneering exhibition on Lebanese design, and a season on the challenges of space exploration through the prism of design… mudac’s 2023 exhibition program widens our understanding of design to question our society.

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A Chair and You

In October 2022, after its inaugural exhibitions, mudac will feature its first major exhibition A Chair and You, occupying the entirety of the new exhibition halls in the heart of Plateforme 10.

The mudac will have the privilege of revealing to the public for the first time the collection of Thierry Barbier-Mueller, one of the largest private collections in the world of chairs by artists, designers and architects, in a scenography designed by Robert Wilson.

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The fourth issue of RADDAR, the annual journal of design research co-edited by mudac and T&P Work Unit, is now available. This new issue exclusively comprises texts written by designers. The theme addressed, forgery or that which is fake, is thus anchored in practice: the creators refer to their ongoing research, their investigations and their experiences in the face of the fabrication and falsification of reality.

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Beatrice Leanza, the new director of mudac

The Plateforme 10 Foundation, which brings together three cantonal museums in the canton of Vaud on the site of the new Arts District in Lausanne, is pleased to announce the appointment of ltalian museum director and curator Beatrice Leanza as the new director of mudac.

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Opening of the Arts district Plateforme 10

Plateforme 10 will open on 18 and 19 June 2022 and inaugurate the new Photo Elysée and mudac museum building at the same time. After the opening of the MCBA in 2019, the Lausanne Arts district is now complete and ready to welcome the public. To celebrate this event, the three cantonal museums on the site are launching their inaugural exhibitions TRAIN ZUG TRENO TREN.

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Let’s meet at the station

Let’s meet at the station is part of the inaugural theme TRAIN ZUG TRENO TREN put forward by the three museums of Plateforme 10. It is the first exhibition at mudac in its new building, alongside the Listening to the Earth exhibition

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Listening to the Earth

For the first exhibition of works from its collection in its new building, mudac is echoing a fundamental message.  Listening to the Earth showcases creations that resonate with climate challenges, addressing themes such as telluric forces, melting glaciers, the use of natural resources, upcycling, the genetic modification of seeds, forest fires and the decline in insect populations.

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The third issue of RADDAR, the annual journal of design research co-edited by mudac and T&P Work Unit, is now available. After having explored function and interior design, this new issue tackles the politics of design.

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Handover ceremony for the new building of the mudac and Photo Eylsée

Between the laying of the foundation stone and the inauguration of the building, more than three years have passed to construct this new building housing Photo Elysée and the mudac. During the handover ceremony and the subsequent festivities from November 4 to 7, 2021, the public and the authorities will be able to discover the premises for the first time and symbolically take possession of the place before the official opening scheduled for 2022.

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The mudac enhanced

In the heart of the Plateforme 10 arts district, the public will get to discover a genuinely “enhanced” mudac from June 2022.
Driven by a new scientific and cultural project, these changes reflect the values on which the emblematic design museum is founded, embodying its boldness, its multiplicity and its deep roots on the historical and contemporary design scene.

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