Train Zug Treno Tren.
Let’s meet at the station

18.06 – 25.09.2022


Focusing on the idea of meeting and the roman de gare (the pulp novel but literally in French the “train station novel”), mudac places the individual at the center of its show. As the classic locus of reunions, departures, and chance encounters, the station and the train are places in which life plays out, spaces that are especially favorable to the imagination. This union of reality and fiction lies at the heart of the story told by the exhibition Rencontrons-nous à la gare (Let’s Meet at the Station), which is punctuated with objects that spring from the field of design as well as contemporary artworks. Extending and rounding out this wonderful range of items are moving images from the worlds of advertising and music videos. Archival footage from the Swiss federal railway network can be seen alongside artworks by Christian Boltanski, Salvador Dali, Sophie Calle, Marina Abramovic, and Studio Job.

With the aim of bringing about a dialogue between the materiality of objects and a fictional component, a pulp novel, an authentic contemporary roman de gare, is part and parcel of the exhibition. Published by Editions Zoé, the work, titled Terre-des-Fins, was written by three established authors, Bruno Pellegrino, Aude Seigne, and Daniel Vuataz. Echoing the novel, the show offers the chance to become, at least for time it takes to tour it, the character in the story to which one would like to belong.

Marco Costantini
Rafaël Santianez

Youri Kravtchenko
Camille Bagnoud

A joint exhibition

Let’s meet at the station is the first mudac exhibition in its new building. This exhibition, which is presented from June 18 to September 26, 2022, is part of the common theme of the three museums of Plateforme 10: TRAIN ZUG TRENO TREN.
The three exhibitions, conceived by each of the museums of Plateforme 10, enrich the metaphor of this railway history by paying homage to the former vocation of the site in the immediate vicinity of Lausanne station, a stopover for the mythical Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express.
Favoring the crossing of views, the three exhibitions free themselves from any literal or strictly chronological approach. Transdisciplinary, they prefer instead to cross their subject from one side to the other, symbolizing in a subtle mixture of identity strength and versatility the genesis of this unique platform that is the arts district of Lausanne.

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Three catalogs gathered in a boxed set are co-published for the occasion by the editions Noir sur Blanc for the French version and Scheidegger & Spiess for the German version.


The exhibition is supported by its partners : Julius Bar, main partner, La Loterie Romande and La Fondation Ernst Goehner.