We Will Survive
The Prepper Movement

13.09.2024 – 09.02.2025

Referred to as preppers, these proponents of the well-known survivalist subculture are not just worried about what they believe to be an imminent threat, but are actively preparing for it, with the aim of surviving the end of the world as we know it and establishing a new world order afterwards.

What are the dangers that threaten our existence? What measures are governments around the world taking to protect people from these dangers? Why do preppers want to take the lead in preparing to survive the coming catastrophe, and how are they going about it?

We Will Survive is a critical exploration of these questions, which focuses on the role of design in survival measures.

General curators
Anniina Koivu
Jolanthe Kugler

Scientific collaborators
Luisa Ferreira

Camille Blin, Anthony Guex and Christian Spiess

Graphic identity
Frederik Mahler-Andersen

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