Friends of mudac

The Friends are under construction!

The association is preparing a new programme for the opening of the museum at Plateforme 10 in June 2022 that will give you a front row seat for this wonderful stage that mudac is going through.

By becoming a member of Friends of mudac, you will help the museum continue to foster dialogue between the many disciplines of contemporary creation. By committing to daring projects, you will help the museum to shine on the national and international scene. Being a Friend of mudac also means taking part in exclusive events, meetings and conversations around design.

Association Committee

Nicolas Le Moigne
designer and teacher at ECAL
president of the Friends of mudac committee

Winka Angelrath
art historian, Art Exhibitions Manager, Audemars Piguet

Laure Gremion
industrial designer

Rafaël Santianez
art historian, conservation assistant

Nicole Chebeir Ragy
founder and director of the NOV gallery in Carouge 

Lorraine Clément
member of cultural committees, former manager of the art collection at Retraites Populaires

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