mudac – Lausanne’s Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts – is the only institution in Western Switzerland entirely dedicated to design.

It has developed its identity and international reputation through hundreds of ambitious and often unusual exhibitions and continues to pursue a policy of openness and exchange between the many disciplines of contemporary creation.

Its programme showcases designers and artists at solo exhibitions and extends to exhibitions that question the public on contemporary social issues. It demonstrates the museum’s interest in the world and in the wide scope that the term design itself can encompass.

The diversity of points of view of each project has enabled mudac to assert itself both on the national and international scene by offering its exhibitions to its counterparts. Europe and Asia have thus been able to discover exhibitions made in mudac on numerous occasions.

Open to collaboration, mudac regularly works with the various universities in Western Switzerland. Its research is regularly published in its own catalogues, where numerous invitations are extended to researchers from all disciplines.

Missions and values


Whether mainstream or more cutting-edge, carte blanche for designers or a historical look at a specific production, each exhibition offers a new perspective, giving everyone the opportunity to question the world around them.


mudac is committed to making each project accessible to all. A rich cultural outreach programme (guided tours, workshops for the general public, creative workshops for children and talks) is developed, adapted and renewed for each exhibition.


Exhibitions or acquisitions must meet criteria of quality and exemplarity in order to be able to convey a discourse on design to the public. mudac is also open to ambitious projects such as the archiving of prototypes by contemporary designers or the use of new technologies.


The links forged with contemporary art have become one of mudac’s hallmarks. In order to highlight transdisciplinarity, the museum opens its doors to performing arts and to other contemporary disciplines: dancers, directors, photographers and musicians. mudac is thus a platform for free exchange between various Swiss and international artistic expressions. It also collaborates with a wide range of festivals, institutions and brands.


mudac is made up of a passionate team. From administration to conservation, communication, outreach and technical aspects, everyone shares the museum’s values and ambitions and works to represent them in their daily work.


Recognised in Switzerland and beyond, mudac takes its collections and exhibitions on the road and demonstrates its unwavering commitment to all those involved in the sector. It tirelessly takes up the issues raised by our contemporary societies.