Archives du Design Romand
What narratives?

13.09.2024 – 09.02.2025

With Archives du Design Romand, mudac is initiating the first stage of a fascinating quest that will seek to retrace the history of design in French-speaking Switzerland.

For decades, this region has had a profound relationship with the many facets that design has today. More than an exhibition, this chronicle offers an evolving platform, showcased in a changing space that is fuelled by discussions and reflections. A busy programme of meetings with the players involved – designers, historians, and journalists – will help develop the methodologies needed to grasp the emergence and evolution of design. Gradually, the public will be able to discover the fruits of the discussions that have taken place, while works from the collection will be revealed to echo these.

Design studio OIO will take part in the reflection with an installation. Designed as an archiving system, it will collect documents and interviews to explore, using artificial intelligence, the unprecedented possibilities of what design in French-speaking Switzerland could be in the future.

Commissariat général
Marco Costantini

Collaboratrice scientifique
Diane Maechler

Conception scénographique
Magali Conus and Camille Nemethy

Design graphique
Cécile + Roger

Partenaire principal du mudac