Space is the place

08.09.2023 – 04.02.2024

mudac presents Space is the place, a programme that focuses on the complex relationship between the cosmos and our planet. Bringing together the work of designers, artists and science fiction writers, as well as a wide range of stakeholders in these issues, the programme includes two exhibitions, three publications and a series of events.


The first exhibition, entitled Cosmos, examines the universe from Earth. It explores designers’ and artists’ fascination with the laws of astrophysics, observable phenomena and the fascinating beauty of the cosmos.
The second exhibition, Terra, reverses the perspective. The exhibition examines the technoscientific promises of absolute control and manipulation of our planet, inherited from the Age of Enlightenment and largely accelerated by the industrial revolution and, more recently, geoengineering.

Series of Events

The Space is the Place programme features two exhibitions and a series of events which, in different formats, explore the programme’s themes in greater depth.

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