Carte blanche to David Bielander

08.02 – 30.04.2017

David Bielander, a Swiss designer living in Munich, translates everyday elements into jewellery. Objects such as prawns, pineapples, beetles or raspberries are immediately recognisable, yet disconcerting. The aim of his trompe-l’oeils is not to mystify the viewer but to set up a humorous interplay between the wearer and the jewellery itself. David Bielander seeks out the most suitable materials and techniques with which to simulate reality, yet it is not until his pieces are worn that they truly come to life. His Slugs pins launch a slithering attack on the neckline, the Snake necklace writhes around the throat.

Having trained as a goldsmith in Basel, Bielander gained a Masters from the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich in 2002, where he studied under Otto Künzli, master of conceptual jewellery, whose influence can be seen in both a deep understanding of the materials and the technical skill gained from this demanding training. He has recently been awarded numerous prestigious prizes including the Munich Förderpreis in 2009; the Herbert Hofmann Prize in 2010; and the Françoise van den Bosch Prize and the Swiss Federal Design Award, both in 2012. The exhibition will feature a selection of his pieces in a setting designed especially for his work, a world away from traditional museum glass cases.

With the support of ProHelvetia.