Retrospective Cosmos at the Swiss Film Archive

23.08 – 29.10.2023

In collaboration with mudac, the Swiss Film Archive has programmed a vast cycle of over 32 films devoted to space exploration in cinema. This major retrospective is an integral part of Space is the Place and explores in greater depth the question of humankind’s place in interstellar space.

Projection of High-Life by Claire Denis

We 13 September
Sat 14 October

2018 · 113′ · v.o. s-t fr.
By Claire Denis
With Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, André Benjamin

To celebrate this programme, an event around the notion of the hyper-interior will be held on the evening of 13 September and 14 October at the Swiss Film Archive.

"High Life" de Claire Denis (2018)
© Collection Cinémathèque suisse. DR