The Scottish Show Switzerland: 15 Scottish Designers

29.10.2008 – 08.02.2009

Organised by The Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Architecture, Design and the City, Glasgow, “The Scottish Show Switzerland” presents the work of 15 designers who are active in Scotland: Marianne Anderson, Blue Marmalade, Leigh Ferguson, Graphical House, ISO, Paul Kerlaff, Beca Lipscombe, Alex Milton, Mimetics, One Foot Taller, O Street, Timorous Beasties, Derek Welsh, Katy West and Donna Wilson.

The exhibition offers a rich panorama of artistic forms of expression that are traditionally linked to design, such as graphic art, furniture, fashion, jewellery and 3D animation. By means of these diverse examples the visitor will discover – for the first time in Switzerland – the originality, vitality and creativeness of the Scottish scene, which has imposed itself on many aspects of contemporary design.