Martí Guixé: Context Free
Carte blanche to Martí Guixé

26.06 – 28.09.2003

The mudac’s third carte blanche exhibition was offered to Martí Guixé, ex-designer, as he describes himself. Guixé designed an installation reflecting the spirit in which he works: one of irony, simplicity, distance or extension of certain contemporary habits, freedom of creation. Alongside objects that are for the most part unpublished, and “context free” because they come from different horizons, Guixé presents a project – Kitchen-Buildings – designed specifically for the mudac.

Starting from the idea that our present-day manner of cooking is more a leisure activity than deriving from a need to eat, Guixé dreamed up seven environments in which one could live and cook at the same time, something like kitchen habitats, presented in the form of scale models. Illustrated with his characteristic small sketches, this project yet again reveals the Catalan artist’s preoccupation with our relationship to food.