MUDAC - musée de design et d'arts appliqués contemporains

The museum

Since its opening in 2000, the mudac – Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts – has built up a reputation for having an inquisitive and incisive attitude to the things that shape our way of life, and has always sought to ask pertinent – and sometimes impertinent! – questions. Its ambitious programme of between five and eight exhibitions a year alternates thematic projects with “carte blanche” events for designers from Switzerland and further afield, with a particular focus on young creators. The mudac prides itself on providing a forum for dialogue and exchange, bringing together design with the applied arts and contemporary art. This unique and bold approach is recognised throughout the world, with exhibitions staged from Paris to Seoul.

The mudac also offers frequent new exhibitions of its permanent collections, which have continued to grow from its beginnings as the Musée des arts décoratifs, so that visitors can trace the development of the collection as a whole.

Finally, the museum opens its doors to the performing arts: dancers, film directors, performers or musicians, and has established itself as a platform for free dialogue between diverse art forms, within Switzerland and on an international level.