26.02 – 30.08.2020

Homage to the House of Gaudard

The Gaudard house, in the Place de la Cathédrale, has been mudac’s home for exactly 20 years, serving its purpose admirably. As this era draws to a close, mudac wishes to pay tribute to the house in the museum’s last exhibition before its upcoming move.

An extraordinary exhibition

Each room in the museum has been assigned a role associated with everyday life : library, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, game room, music room, bathroom and basement. The exhibition features objects collected by the curators over the years in a purposefully subjective presentation. These hidden gems and remarkable objects immerse the viewer in a dreamlike and deeply personal world that plays with the concept of function : the objects are too large or too small, jocose, bestial, vegetal, subtle, disturbing or even fabulous.

The spirits of the house

Extraordinary! is mudac’s last show before the museum moves to the PLATEFORME 10 arts district near the Lausanne train station. It is a fitting farewell to two decades of art and design in the Gaudard house.

Amélie Bannwart
Marco Costantini
Claire Favre Maxwell
Carole Guinard
Susanne Hilpert Stuber
Chantal Prod’Hom
Exhibition design
Sébastien Guenot
Spirits’ texts
Germano Zullo
Sound design
Jérôme Nussbaum
Graphic design
Atelier Cocchi
English translations
Scala Wells Sàrl

Julius Bär
Ville de Lausanne
Amis du mudac
Loterie romande
Retraites populaires
Fondation Jan Michalski pour l’écriture et la littérature
Fondation Sandoz
Payot Lausanne
Palace Groupe Barec