Dialogue between an octopus and a citrus squeezer
A look at the collection

15.03.2023 – 15.03.2026


A surprising and offbeat exploration of the diversity of the mudac collection, from contemporary design to applied arts.

Bringing together contemporary pieces of design, glass art, ceramics, graphic arts, and jewellery, this exhibition offers an immersion into the museum’s collection. The different works are juxtaposed by formal, informal, or even unusual affinities in a bold set design based on the theme of the labyrinth. The route opens up the field of possibilities, fostering unexpected encounters, crossings, and bridges between artistic disciplines. Along the route, from Mai-Thu Perret’s ceramic octopus to Stark’s citrus squeezer, from Sylvie Godel’s embroidered porcelain to Toots Zynsky’s glass fiber bowl, each visitor is free to create his or her own associations and to look at the works for themselves.

The various exhibition media also help us understand the types of acquisitions, their historical context, and the process of creation of the objects. From internationally renowned artists to young emerging talent, mudac will thus highlight, for the first time in its new setting at Plateforme 10, a broad panorama of the world of contemporary design and applied arts.

The opening will take place on thursday 16th of march at 6pm

Amélie Bannwart
Anaïs Devaux

Set designer
Magali Conus