Beirut. The Eras of Design
14.03 – 25.06.2023


A city at the crossroads of East and West, Beirut has been in artistic turmoil since the early 2000s. Design too has enjoyed this dynamic and is even one of its most significant indicators. In order to grasp the dynamic lines that have enabled design to develop in Lebanon, Beirut. The Eras of Design, produced jointly with the CID in Grand-Hornu, is structured in three sets.

In order to grasp the dynamic lines that have allowed design to develop in Lebanon, the exhibition Beirut. The Eras of Design is structured in three parts. The first one on the beginnings of the discipline in Lebanon between the 1950s and 1970s, the second one on the years 2000 to today and finally, a third one dedicated to the Minjara project and its philosophy.
The exhibition Beirut. The Eras of design, the first of its kind, will be complemented by the first publication, which also looks at the different aspects of this emerging trend.

The exhibition, Beirut. The Eras of Design, the first of its kind, will be accompanied by a first publication that will also focus on the different aspects of this up-and-coming scene. Indeed, the exhibition will show how, in just over 20 years, Lebanon has become a key player in the field of design creation.

The exhibition is currently at the CID – CENTRE D’INNOVATION ET DE DESIGN in Grand-Hornu from April 24 to August 14, 2022. More information

Marco Costantini

Gaith and Jad Studio, Beirut

Scientific deputy for the historical part 
Gregory Buchakjian

CID, Grand-Hornu

ALBA, Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts, University of Balamand
AUB, American University of Beirut

CID, Grand-Hornu, 3 April to 15 August 2022
mudac, Lausanne, 14 March to 25 June 2023


A publication, the first reference book dedicated to Lebanese design, has been published by Kaph Books. It is made up of different sections dedicated to the history of design in Beirut, the emergence of contemporary design and the Minjara solidarity and creative project.

Authors: Marco Costantini, Gregory Buchakjian, Charif Majdalani, Marc Baroud, Hala Abdel Malak, Chérine Magrabi, Hala Moubarak


May 20, at the CID
Conference with the exhibition curator, Marco Costantini
“Beirut, a modernity through architecture and design”

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