Surrealism & Glass Art

08.03 – 04.08.2024

A century ago, in 1924, surrealism burst onto the European art scene. Thirty-five years later, at the end of the 1950s, it was this same movement that gave birth to mudac’s collection of contemporary glass art, now the largest in Europe. The Alchemy exhibition brings together works from the mudac collection – some displayed for the very first time – that bear witness to the movement’s legacy among creators of contemporary glass art.

At the end of the 1950s, Venetian master glassmaker Egidio Costantini submitted an ambitious project to the patron Peggy Guggenheim. Convinced that glass was an essential material of the 20th century, Costantini sought to collaborate with artists to reveal the expressive potential of this material. The pair then invited Jean Cocteau, Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst and Marc Chagall to create sketches that Costantini then brought to life. Named La Fucina degli Angeli (“The Forge of Angels”) by Jean Cocteau, a collection of thirty-six works was created in the Murano glass workshop. Thirty-three of these pieces now feature in mudac’s glass art collection.

In 2024, the three Plateforme 10 museums – the MCBA, Photo Elysée and mudac – will team up for an exceptional Surrealist season.

Main partener

Exhibition partners

The Surrealism Season is supported by the Loterie Romande and the Fondation Leenaards, partner of the “Résonances” project, which brings together the three museums through thematic commissions for local artists.