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Past exhibition

Poster of the exhibition Danese


Editor of Italian design 1957-1991


From 1957 to 1991, based around the personalities of Jacqueline Vodoz and Bruno Danese, who headed the firm, and such protagonists as Bruno Munari, Enzo Mari and Franco Meneguzzo – artist-designers confronted with the transition from art and crafts to industry, and loyal collaborators – Danese conceived, published and produced quantities of objects as so many responses to the new ways of life imposed by the times.

Ordinary mass-produced objects, art editions, and children editions bear the stamp of a formal approach in which the economy of means, the simplicity of the gesture, the right use of materials, as well as various considerations on the evolutions of the individual and collective universe find their perfect synthesis. Carried along by an innate taste for communication – from graphic art to shop layout – Danese, in a true pioneering fashion, laid the foundations for design as global vision and strict system.

Designers, artists and creators: Enzo Mari, Franco Meneguzzo, Achille Castiglioni, Angelo Mangiarotti, Bruno Munari, IARD-Boselli, Jacqueline Vodoz, Kuno Prey, Marco Ferreri, Giovanni Belgrano