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Kosmophaera, 2015


 Kosmosphaera, 2015

Jodoc Elmiger, Matteo Gonet and Valérie Jacquemet

It was as part of a project for Mobilab Gallery in Lausanne that the three-some produced the series of macro-marbles titled Kosmophaera.  Matteo Gonet is a Swiss glass artist who enjoys experimenting with and developing new production technologies. Valérie Jacquemet is a Lausanne designer and multi-disciplinary artist.  As for Jodoc Elmiger, he is an industrial designer and develops projects which combine technology and art. The marbles are manufactured in Basel, in Matteo Gonet’s studio.  The matter is worked in the mass by hand and without moulds, so each piece is unique.  At the centre, the inclusions of glass coloured by different metal oxides are covered by seven successive layers of transparent glass in fusion.  It then requires on average a week of cooling for each piece.  These playful works, with their unusual dimensions in relation to the original object, are nothing less than a multi-coloured return to the world of childhood.