Graphic arts


While the term design is most often associated with the industrial and/or commercial creation of objects, graphic arts constitute its essential starting point – whether digital or paper-based.

+ 400 artsworks
posters, prints, drawings, works on paper, sketches
20 – 21e century

The aim of mudac’s graphic arts collection is to bring together prints, manual or digital drawings, material samples and models, in order to document the creative process. Sketch or plan, preparatory or finished work, each stage on paper is an indication of the designer’s reflection on the project he or she is leading. These sets help represent as best as possible what it means to go from an idea to a material object.

Tracing a designer’s thought process therefore requires the ability to interpret these successive stages from the genesis of an object. Moreover, drawing, a universal language, not only enables designers to crystallise their ideas, but also to share them with others.

mudac’s graphic arts collection includes prints from various reproduction processes as well as single copies.



Loan request and conservation

Acquisition policy

The museum’s move to Plateforme 10 represents an opportunity to redefine the acquisition policy for works and the meaning of mudac’s collections.

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