From industrial design, fashion, applied arts and narrative design, mudac’s design collection comprises more than 920 objects that reflect the functional, formal, innovative and aesthetic concerns of their time.

+ de 900 artworks
furniture, lights, tableware, textile pieces, high-tech objects
20 – 21e century

Evidence of the diversity of design

The collection is made up of numerous objects: furniture, lighting, tableware, sculptures, textile pieces and high-tech objects. In addition to the emphasis on designers from Western Switzerland, the collection also includes objects purchased during carte blanche events, i.e. exhibitions curated by local or international designers. Freshness, experimentation, rigour, materiality and the unexpected are the watchwords that characterise mudac’s design collection.


Chair by Big Game
BIG-GAME, Bold Chair, 2009
© AN - Marie Humair

The design archives of Western Switzerland

The aim of mudac is to create an archive of design in Western Switzerland and the aim of these archives will be to safeguard the various activities carried out by artists and public or private companies in the development of design in Western Switzerland. These archives will be made up of study documents and prototypes or published products.

This ambitious project will bring together the collections, exhibitions. research centres and external partners who will help the museum to enhance the value of these collections and showcase them to the public in a dynamic way. In addition, this ensemble will allow the public to better understand the challenges of today’s design.

The design archives of Western Switzerland will soon be accessible to the public.


Loan request and conservation

Acquisition policy

The museum’s move to Plateforme 10 represents an opportunity to redefine the acquisition policy for works and the meaning of mudac’s collections.

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