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Lamps by Adrien Rovero

Contemporary design

The majority of the over 500 objects that make up the design collection are the legacy of Rose-Marie Lippuner, former director of the Musée des arts décoratifs. The 1998 exhibition Les nouveaux plaisirs des objets et ustensiles domestiques [The New Pleasures of Domestic Objects and Tools] constituted the core of this collection.

A new acquisitions policy has been in force since 2000: priority is given to purchasing prototypes by emerging French-Swiss designers, as well as those from other Swiss regions, and to acquiring objects from young publishers. As a result, the collection has been enriched by numerous objects from such diverse fields as furnishing, light fittings, tableware, sculptures, textiles and even high tech objects. The selection criteria are demanding: innovation, originality, rigour, materials processing, quality of finish, form, functionality, aesthetic and poetic qualities.

Given our aim of putting together thematic or cartes blanches exhibitions, mudac acquires or receives objects that are emblematic of designers’ work. The design collection was recently enriched with two valuable legacies of pinball machines, making the museum a benchmark in that particular field. Meanwhile, ECAL has donated its entire collection of 46 milking stools and 40 conductor’s batons.

The inventory is constantly updated, and the works are documented photographically. It is available to view via the city of Lausanne’s museums database. Researchers and others with a particular interest in the field can view the collection by appointment.



From 05.06.2015 to 03.04.2016

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