Contemporary jewellery


Jewellery is not just a decorative element or a useless accessory but one that offers infinite scope for exploration, allowing designers to question its meaning, function and use, and to experiment with unusual techniques and materials.

+ de 300 artworks
display, necklace, brooch, bracelet
20 – 21e century

Since the 1980s mudac has added to its contemporary jewellery collections by acquiring the most significant works in a field that is constantly being researched. Two sets are represented: the mudac collection and that of the Swiss government, on long-term loan.

Today, these include more than 350 works dating from 1962 to 2017 that are minimalist or expressive, serial or one-off pieces, by young or established artists. They bear witness to Switzerland’s place in this movement. The quality of these collections is recognised at international level across Europe and Asia.

Sophie Bouduban, Bouts de doigts, 2002
Sophie Bouduban, Bouts de doigts, 2002
© AN – Olivier Laffely


Bijoux en Jeu, Carole Guinard, Bibliothèque des Arts, 2014.


Loan request and conservation

Acquisition policy

The museum’s move to Plateforme 10 represents an opportunity to redefine the acquisition policy for works and the meaning of mudac’s collections.

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