MUDAC - musée de design et d'arts appliqués contemporains


Céramique de Mai-Thu Perret

Contemporary ceramics

The mudac’s ceramics collection consists of almost 300 pieces, largely of Swiss origins. New works are acquired each year. The best known Swiss designers include Edouard Chapallaz, Philippe Lambercy, Petra Weiss, Philippe Barde, Jacques Kaufmann, Magdalena Gerber, Patricia Glave and Margareta Daepp. The collection also features the younger generation, represented by Rebecca Maeder, Marianne Eggimann, Michèle Rochat and Christian Gonzenbach. The mudac is also home to a collection belonging to the Swiss Confederation, put together during the 1980s.

While enamelled stoneware was very common in the late 20th century, Swiss ceramic work now makes increased used of porcelain. The collection includes both utilitarian objects and more abstract expressions, and seeks to represent the enormous range of Swiss creativity as completely as possible. It is regularly exhibited in the museum’s showrooms. During the most recent exhibition, Helvètes vulcains (2011), pieces from the collections were exhibited with more recent works by the same artists.

The inventory is constantly updated, and the works are documented photographically. It is available to view via the city of Lausanne’s museums database. Researchers and others with a particular interest in the field can view the collection by appointment.