mudac’s ceramic collection, supplemented by works on long-term loan belonging to the Swiss government, constitutes an exploration and representation of the many facets that this technique can offer.

+ 300 artworks
vases, containers, sculptures, plates, cups
20 – 21e century

Ceramics is a technique as well as a material that offers such possibilities that craftspeople and artists have been interested in it for centuries. Designers have also been quick to seize upon this know-how with its countless possibilities: stoneware or porcelain, glazed or unglazed. It is therefore not unusual to find lamps or side tables alongside vases, bowls or sculptures.

This relationship between ceramics and design, while important, is not the only possible combination. There are more and more artists who use photography with clay, as evidenced by the work of Nicolas Delaroche. It is also not uncommon to find works that combine new technology and ceramic art, as demonstrated by the work of Laura Couto Rosado.

Comprising historical pieces dating from the Museum of Decorative Arts, such as the works of Paul Bonfias, Edouard Chapallaz and Philippe Lambercy, mudac’s ceramics collection is also in tune with contemporary trends by acquiring works by young creators and designers such as Christian Gonzenbach, Yusuke Offhause, Margaeta Daepp and Marianne Eggimann.

Christian Gonzenbach, Hanabi, 2019
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Loan request and conservation

Acquisition policy

The museum’s move to Plateforme 10 represents an opportunity to redefine the acquisition policy for works and the meaning of mudac’s collections.

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