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Two rings by Johanna Dahm

Contemporary jewellery

Since the first acquisitions made by Rosmarie Lippuner, director of the Musée des arts décoratifs, in the 1980s, the two jewellery collections held at mudac have held up a mirror to the development of a constantly evolving area. There is a vast field from which to collect and our acquisition criteria are intended to result in a coherent ensemble: they include creativity, representativeness of current trends, innovation, continuity of research and the artist’s nationality.

The collection of the Swiss Confederation, held at the museum, places great emphasis on winners and experts of the Swiss Design Awards, which have supported young Swiss designers since 1918. The mudac collection includes pieces made in limited editions, revealing similarities in the working methods of artists and designers. The mudac has thus chosen to acquire several works by one designer to represent the evolution of his work.

Pieces inspired by the minimalist movements of the Seventies are represented here alongside more expressive “designer jewellery”. Photography, video, installations and performance also have a place. Furthermore, the collection is regularly enriched with pieces by young artists at the beginning of their careers. The majority of the 39 designers represented in the collections are Swiss. Today, they contain over 280 works, dating from 1962 on.

The inventory is constantly updated, and the works are documented photographically. It is available to view via the city of Lausanne’s museums database. Researchers and others with a particular interest in the field can view the collection by appointment.



From 08.02.2017 to 30.04.2017
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