Yves Béhar + fuseproject: From concept to commerce/From commerce to concept
Carte blanche to Yves Béhar

10.03 – 06.06.2004

The Swiss Yves Béhar has created fuseproject, a design studio incorporating young international talent that is based in San Francisco. Designer, engineer, manager and interior designer, he is famous for his collaborations with Birkenstock, Diesel, Samsonite, Toshiba, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and Nike. He presents at the mudac a reflection on the status designer to meet both public expectations and requirements of those giving him commissions.

Thus he imagined a whirling spiral representative of the dynamics of design in the 21st century. This spiral is flanked by displays of two types of objects: plans or not yet implemented prototypes in the “concept” space and mass products in the “commerce” section.