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Past exhibition

Style First. Carte blanche à Mieke Gerritzen

Style First

Carte blanche to Mieke Gerritzen


Internationally renowned for her style – visually very strong and colorful – as well as for her stance on political and social matters, the Dutch graphic artist Mieke Gerritzen was formed at the Rietveld Academy. She currently heads the design department of the Sandberg Institute, a post-graduate branch of the famous school in  Amsterdam. In this first monographic exhibition, the printed word becomes an object through a painting or wallpaper and the visitor is plunged into a  hyperactive visual which goes from the floor to ceiling.

The images are read, the words are beheld, the line between visual and textual becomes tenuous. Mieke Gerritzen plunges us into a universe in which we find her personal creations; the books Everyone is a Designer, Mobile Minded, Next Nature and Creativity for All, and she includes a presentation of her film Beautiful World (2006).