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Past exhibition

Affiche de l'exposition Ruedi Baur

Ruedi Baur: Quotidien visuel Phase 4


A French-Swiss graphic designer of international range, Ruedi Baur is best known for having made the new Beaubourg signage in Paris and for having created a visual identity for Expo 02 and Cologne International Airport. In his studio Intégral Ruedi Baur & associés, based in Paris and Zurich, he develops, together with a team of talented designers, plans for exhibition designs and experimenting in a responsible yet playful manner with different ways of orientating the visitor in large public spaces.

Evolving, Phase 4 of this exhibition presents two years of works by graphic designer Ruedi Baur. It takes us behind the scenes of a visual design workshop and reveals the everyday life of a creative person in a novel way.