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Affiche de l'exposition Recycling/Design



Already well established among our household customs, recycling is assuming an increasingly important role in artistic production and industrial design. The marketing sector and the collective conscience have subsequently taken it upon themselves to push purchasers to choose products made from recycled materials. This fairly recent concern about conservation of still usable products has not of course escaped the attention of designers, always tuned into the preoccupations of their time.

Presented this spring at the Bellerive Museum in Zurich, the exhibition Recycling/Design covers sundry types of recycling: industrial and organic waste, second-hand objects, style recycling. A distinction is made between visible recycling and invisible recycling, the latter being especially associated with industrial production. In the Lausanne version of this exhibition, works by contemporary artists have been added to the selection. Recycling: short-lived phenomenon, or new way of life?