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Past exhibition

Urnes funéraires de Pierre Charpin

Post mortem

Ten creators rethink the funerary urn


Death is omnipresent in the media and in our leisure distractions. Yet we avoid direct contact with those lifeless corpses which confront us with our own fragility. Our diversionary tactics vary: over-elaborate ritualisation or, on the contrary, an aseptic and depersonalised relationship.

The funerary urn, an object made to preserve the deceased ashes and dissimulating them in a neutral container, belongs to these tactics. Its aesthetics are usually solemn if not morbid. How to remediate this? The ambition behind the presentation of Post mortem. Ten creators rethink the funerary urn to explore the way in which creation approaches cremation with the prototypes conceived by the artists. All the presented urns were produced by Matteo Gonet, a Swiss glass artist and designer.

Designers, artists and creators: François Bauchet, Pierre Charpin, Hubert Crevoisier, Marie Ducaté, Marie Garnier, Elisabeth Garrouste, Alexis Georgacopoulos, Mathieu Lehanneur, Jean-Michel Othoniel, Jean-Baptiste Sibertin-Blanc