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Affiche de l'exposition Passions d'oranges Papiers d'agrume

Passions d’oranges Papiers d’agrumes


Wrinkled or smooth, white, pink or blue, opaque packaging for an orange sphere, fruit wrappers have almost become a thing of the past, a rare commodity found only in the displays in up-market grocery shops.When they were invented at the end of the 19th century, these paper wrappings were intended solely for oranges, the only citrus fruit that needs to be picked when ripe and is consequently tricky to transport. Graphic embellishment followed with the development of printing techniques. And because consumers liked them so much, lemons, mandarins and grapefruit started to be wrapped this way too.

With the exhibition Passions d’oranges, the mudac, the fortunate recipient of two donated collections of fruit wrappers, wishes to demonstrate the originality of the clever graphic images dreamed up by the anonymous creators of these wrappings. More than 2,000 examples will cover the museum’s walls, plunging the visitor into a world evoking sunshine, warmth, pleasure and good health.