Ornaments from there, ornaments from here: incidences, coincidences?

04.11.2000 – 25.02.2001

The gathering together of diverse and faraway worlds to which this exhibition invites us resulted from a meeting: that between a creator of contemporary jewellery, Carole Guinard, who via her innovative gallery, was also its first ambassador in French-speaking Switzerland, and a traveller, Marie Alamir, who cannot bring herself to choose between ethnography and art history, and who has been fascinated for a long time by the finery of traditional non-Western societies.

In the course of exchanges and mutual observations regarding these objects we became aware of multiple disquieting correspondences, the more obvious of which were of a formal or material order. These led us to ask ourselves about the nature of such affinities, discovering, beyond appearances, the divergences or displacements of revelatory meanings which distinguish these two groups.