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Past exhibition

Carton d'invitation de l'exposition Matali Crasset

Matali Crasset

Carte blanche to Matali Crasset


This is the first solo exhibition in a museum by this young French designer, whose work speaks of new typologies, of domestication of technology, of hospitality, generosity, empathy, fluidity… Matali Crasset reinvents the everyday and, in homoeopathic doses, breathes into her projects intentions, proposals and spaces for life with the intention of modifying our immediate environment. Act in micro more than in mega or supra.

For the mudac she presents a new creation entitled popup space: a platform which proposes anthropological principles for everyday life. Rediscover the pleasure of playing with water, explore the possibility of sheltering in a habitable zone that can rapidly transform itself, taking the form of a yurt while permitting one to remain in  contact with the exterior, with others. The exhibition’s scenography was designed in its entirety by matali crasset.