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Past exhibition

Carton d'invitation de l'exposition Carte blanche à Marcello Morandini

Marcello Morandini. Design

Carte blanche to Marcello Morandini


Marcello Morandini’s design œuvre deals with numerous facets of the discipline: graphic art, typography, objects, furniture and architecture. The rich palette of his creations has given rise to applications in such widely varied fields as carpets, games, cutlery, kitchen utensils, crockery, doors, tables, chairs, armchairs, lighting, watches, vases, folding screens, cupboards, chests of drawers, bookcases, even TV sets. Paradoxically, his extremely strict formal approach opens the way to infinite variations on sober motifs, often constructed on the basis of optical and chromatic contrasts.

The second in the series of carte blanche exhibitions that the mudac hopes to offer designers, graphic artists and artists whose personal stamp is distinguished by rigour, originality or innovation, this presentation of Morandini’s works concentrates on his latest creations. The choice of pieces and their arrangement, producing a veritable Morandini environment, was carried out by the Italian designer, the museography in its entirety by the mudacs technical team.