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Past exhibition

Affiche de l'exposition Mali


Photographs and Contemporary Textiles


For its first foray into a non-Western artistic world, the mudac explores the links between photographs and contemporary textiles in Mali. These two modes of expression – highly dynamic in Bamako – weave a weft of being and of appearing, between everyday life and ceremonial. Textiles as clothing, simple fabrics, blankets and backdrops are captured continuously by the photographer’s lens. They set off the model, sliding surreptitiously into the grain of the photographic paper, mingling reality and representation.

Mali. Photographs and Contemporary Textiles is the result of a way of seeing which is open to this country and its riches, without any pretence at exhaustiveness, but sincerely inquisitive and eager to discover its infinite creative resources. The exhibition was entirely conceived and for the most part produced in Bamako, thanks to the enthusiastic involvement of numerous Malian personalities and creative people.