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Vue de l'exposition L'usage de jours

L’usage des jours

365 ceramic objects by Guillaume Bardet, designer


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The French designer Guillaume Bardet drew an object a day over a one-year period, from 21 September 2009 to 21 September 2010. He went on to produce each of them in autumn 2010, in collaboration with about a dozen ceramicists from the Pays de Dieulefit in southeastern France.

A sober and striking exhibition design by the designer Vincent Dupont-Ringier gives their full due to 365 objects in a utilitarian or sculptural vein, big or little, white or colored, and produced thanks to a variety of ceramic techniques. Shown from one season to the next, they represent an extraordinary challenge inspiring the designer to lend shape to the mental landscape occupying his mind over those long months, enlivened as they were by major intuitions, occasional doubts and endless research.

The objects: Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer.

A publication retraces the project, published by Bernard Chauveau Editeur in 2012.