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Affiche de l'exposition Le spectacle dans la rue

Le spectacle dans la rue

100 posters from 10 countries 1958–1968


In the spring of 1968, the Italian artistic director Antonio Boggeri was commissioned by Olivetti to prepare an exhibition of posters representative of their period. He chose 150 of them. Produced essentially to promote cultural institutions or events, these posters have become icons of visual communication.

In 2005, Bruno Monguzzi, a graphic designer from the Ticino, and his wife Anna, daughter of Antonio Boggeri, selected 100 posters from among those shown at the 1968 exhibition for the Galleria Gottardo in Lugano. In total, 10 countries are represented: Germany, Spain, USA, France, Great Britain, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland and Czechoslovakia. It is this version that the mudac, enchanted by the great creative vivacity and still topical graphic art of these revealing pieces from the 1950s to 1960s, has chosen to present to the public in the summer of 2006.

Designers, artists and creators:

Germany: Heinz Edelmann, Hans Hillmann, Günter Kieser

Spain: Joan Pedragosa, Josep Pla Narbona

USA: Herbert Bayer, Giulio Cittato, Louis Danziger, Milton Glaser, Tony Hungerer, John Lieven, Carol Lipper, William J. Lloyd, John Massey, Tomoko Miho, Lou Lo Monaco, John R. Rieben, Ben Shahn, George Tscherny, Terence Westmacott

France: André François

Great Britain: Briggs + McLaren, Alan Fletcher, Bob Gill, HFK Henrion, Minale + Tattersfield

Japan: Yusaku Kamekura, Ikko Tanaka, Tadanori Yokoo

Netherlands: Pieter Brattinga, Bear Cornet, Wim Crouwel, Josye Pollmann, Ton Raateland, Jan Von Toorn

Poland: Roman Cieslewicz, Leszek Holdanowicz, Jan Lenica, Jan Mlodozeniezc, Julian Palka, Waldemar Swierzy, Henryk Tomaszewski, Wojciech Zamecznik

Switzerland: Robert Büchler, Karl Gestner, Carl B. Graf, Armin Hofmann, Werner John, Herbert Leupin, Richard Paul Lohse, Fridolin Müller, Josef Müller-Brockmann, Hans Neuburg, Siegfried Odermatt, Emil Ruder

Czechoslovakia: Bedřich Dlouhý, Richard Fremund, Zdenĕc Kaplan