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Past exhibition

Objet en verre de Matali Crasset

In vino veritas

A project by Matali Crasset


Wine is associated with sharing, with moments of pleasure and with the “terroir” (regional soil, climate, etc.): the universal appeal of these themes enticed Matali Crasset to explore them from the angle of design, and this with respect to the glass bottle serving to contain wine. The resulting exhibition was mounted in Bratislava and Paris, each time in a site-specific setting.

Now presented by the mudac, the show questions our relationship to wine, to our lands and to culture. It also reexamines, in playful and humorous fashion, our conception of a bottle, of its various forms and functions. Upon leaving Lausanne, the exhibition will continue its journey on the trail of European vineyards, paying visit to the wine-producing regions and peoples of most especially Central Europe and Italy.