Flavia Cocchi

07.03 – 10.06.2012

The mudac is happy to present the COCCHI exhibition featuring works by the Lausanne graphic designer Flavia Cocchi. Launched at the Galerie Anatome in Paris in spring 2010 and since updated and completed for five of our museum galleries, this show displays fifty of Cocchi’s projects on behalf of various clients, including the mudac. Since opening to the public in 2000, our museum has regularly commissioned this designer to create its visual communication – invitation cards, posters and numerous thematic and monographic catalogues for over 40 mudac exhibitions.
Apart from her graphic design pieces, our show focuses on this designer’s research methods and varied sources of inspiration – objects of all kinds, colour ranges, trinkets, tools or samples of materials. Flavia Cocchi herself
designed and set up the exhibition design. This includes a playful introduction with word puzzles to introduce visitors to her teeming universe. Cleverly arranged packing crates serve to present the widely diversified supports for her works – be they announcements, exhibition publications, posters, visiting cards, stationery with letterheads, or wrapping paper. Invited to consult many of the catalogues on display, visitors are free to leaf through them to
their heart’s content.
The exhibition highlights the main lines of Flavia Cocchi’s creative approach: her passion for typography, her immense mastery of colour, her fine feel for choosing materials, and her great formal accuracy.
After granting carte blanche to the designers Ruedi Baur, Mieke Gerritzen and, more recently, Stefan Sagmeister, the invitation extended to Flavia Cocchi represents a tribute at once to the dynamism and inventiveness of Swiss graphic design and to one of its leading representatives.

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