Would You Like A Bag With That?
Plastic bags in art and design

19.06 – 06.10.2013

Since around the 1960s, plastic bags have been part and parcel of our everyday life as consumers. As such, they have come to represent a high-stakes threat to the world environment, with a utility span measured in minutes and an estimated lifespan of over 400 years! Billions of plastic bags are produced around the world every year, accu­mulating in the environment and menacing the flora and faunas.

The exhibition considers the subject of plastic bags from several angles, through works by artists and various installations. It also traces the history of the graphics marking certain legendary bags recognizable to several generations. When artists resort to this medium for a particular installation, it is generally for purposes of condemning our consumer society.

A readapted and completed version of a show originally conceived by the Winterthur Gewerbemuseum in 2012.

Designers and artists: Poklong Anading, Marie-Claire Baldenweg, Iris van Bebber & Uwe Bülles, Biaugust CREATION OFFICE, Andreas Blank, Claudia Borgna, Rada Boukova, Brigitte Corell, Ida-Marie Corell, Baptiste Debombourg et David Marin, Lauren DiCioccio, Ryan Frank, Lukas Julius Keijser, Hendrik Kerstens, MyeongBeom Kim, Camila Labra Fontana, Hanna Liden, Simon Monk, Torsten Mühlbach, Sheila Odessey, Anne-Cécile Rappa, Dodi Reifenberg, Léa Ricorday, Gregor Schneider, Maude Schneider, Jeremy Scott, Verena Sieber-Fuchs, Roald Sivertsen, Lisa Tiemann, Ruben Verdu, Luzia Vogt, Nils Völker, Iskender Yediler 

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