Couleur 3 – 30 years

07.03 – 10.06.2012

Lausanne, 1982: In the heart of winter, the RSR (French-speaking Switzerland Radio) network launched a new public radio station, Couleur 3. In no time at all, the station made a name for itself, thanks to its offbeat tone and somewhat biting humour, together with broadcasts dedicated to not only music, but also comic strips, film and video games.

Lausanne, 2012: Thirty years later, the mudac welcomes the station to its two ground floor galleries, retracing the career made by French-speaking Switzerland’s by now nigh-to-legendary third channel.  Obviously, a major share of the show will feature sound, based on a selection of broadcasts, jingles, theme music, etc. The comic strip artist Tom Tirabosco will be doing the setting in which viewer/listeners will be able to listen to their heart’s content.

Further still, the show will also present many of the different communication supports to which Couleur 3 resorted right from the start: posters, flyers, programmes, as well as T-shirts, stickers, caps and a variety of gadgets.

The anniversary is also featured on the website:

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