MUDAC - musée de design et d'arts appliqués contemporains

Past exhibition

Carton d'invitation de l'exposition Acquisitions récentes II

Recent acquisitions II


Each and every museum has to make people aware of its collections. To permit the general public to find out about pieces acquired since its opening in 2000, the mudac decided to stage a two-part exhibition: the first part, organised last autumn, was dedicated to glass and design. The second part now presents ceramics, jewellery and prints – works that complement the collections inherited from the Musée des arts décoratifs.

Mostly produced by Swiss artists, these works attracted our attention because of their design, their aestheticism, or as a technical feat. Jewellery by Esther Brinkmann, Sophie Hanagarth, Sophie Bouduban, Sonia Morel and Andi Gut, prints by Fabrice Gygi and Fischli/Weiss, ceramics by François Ruegg, Arnold Annen, Patricia Glave, Caroline Andrin and Magdalena Gerber are like recent milestones in this brief trawl through our collections. This exhibition also gives us an opportunity to pay homage to our authorities, who provide us with an annual budget for the purchase of works.