Most of the Swiss springs are adorned with flowers. Cut flowers, now often made of plastic, are a gesture of human generosity towards the spring. Felipe Ribon has designed a vase to go with this act of gallantry. Reminiscent of the moon and femininity, the silver plating that fully covers the vase collects reflections but makes no distinction between them owing to an organic undulating shape. In doing so it welcomes everything around it into its top layer. Through the endless movement of light, it proves that there are no preconceived boundaries between the different entities it brings together.

Felipe Ribon, Oceanic Vase, 2024
Silver-plated metal
Produced by Atelier Marischael
Dimensions: D 530 x H 230 mm
Mudac Collection, Lausanne

 Alpine stone basin
Produced by Panetti Marmi

Dimensions: L 1000 x W 600 x H 4 mm
Mudac Collection, Lausanne