To fulfil its primary function – that of carrying water in order to pour it elsewhere, often over oneself in a ritual of healing or purification –  the jar is made of porcelain bisque. As a contemporary reinterpretation of the amphoras often depicted in the arms of goddesses and saints associated with springs, Felipe Ribon’s immaculately white jug with its Y-shaped silhouette underscores the deep-lying doubt as to the balance of today’s world. Its shape is rather like a child’s drawing of a rocket, conjuring up its force with a popular contemporary semantic code. Its structure plays on stability: the two feet on which it rests are also the handles used to carry it. Here is an invitation to total engagement – with both hands – from a precious water vessel.

Felipe Ribon, Numinous Jar, 2024
Porcelain bisque
Dimensions : L 300 x W 310 x H 130 mm
Produced by Guy Eliche Mod’Platre
Mudac Collection, Lausanne

Alpine stone basin
Produced by Panetti Marmi
Dimensions: D 1000 x H 4 mm
Mudac Collection, Lausanne