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Raddar: an annual design review



Raddar: an annual design review.
Raddar provides a space for both young and experienced researchers to express themselves on subjects relevant to design theory. Juxtaposing bilingual versions of the texts, Raddar serves as a bridge between French and English-language research.
Raddar is published jointly by the mudac and T&P Work Unit, with graphic design by Julien Mercier.
The first issue of Raddar is devoted to design functions, a fundamental concept within the discipline. Specialists from diverse fields of study express their views on the subject, while the multipurpose cover was created by designers from Formafantasma.

With texts from Vincent Beaubois, Jonas Berthod, Gwenaëlle Bertrand, Claire Brunet, François Burkhardt, Roberto Casati, Catherine Geel and Anna-Maria Meister.
An original text by Theodor W. Adorno, reproduced in German and translated into French and English.
And a joint interview with Jamie Paik and Christophe Gubéran, led by Marco Costantini and Claire Favre Maxwell.

208 pages, French-English, published by the mudac and T&P Work Unit, 33 euros/35 Swiss francs.

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