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The second issue of RADDAR deals with a specific theme that bears witness to the omnipresence of design in our lifestyles and environments. All the texts in this issue invite us to reflect on the question of interior design and the issues, even the paradoxes, that this field can encompass.

At the time of the first pandemic of the 21st century, domestic space and interior architecture, which are often side issues in the world of design, became central for 40% of the world’s inhabitants who were under lockdown at the same time.

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Intérieurs/Interiors, co-edition mudac/T&P Work Unit
French – English, 2020, 246 pages.

An original text by Penny Sparke, scientific director of this issue, written in English and translated for the first time into French.

Featuring texts by Michela Bassanelli, Valérie de Calignon, Irene Cieraad, Elias Constantopoulos, Deborah Feldman, Laurence Mauderli, Philippe Rahm, Patricia Wheaton.

And a joint interview with Graeme Brooker and Javier Fernández Contreras, conducted by Marco Costantini and Claire Favre Maxwell.

Cover design by Marc Camille Chaimowicz.

Graphic design by Julien Mercier.

RADDAR is the first French-Swiss annual journal dedicated to design research, designed by Swiss graphic designers Julien Mercier, Rebecca Metzger and Pauline Piguet. The coexistence of the two languages creates a bridge between French and English-speaking research and enables young and experienced researchers alike to express themselves on themes of interest in design theory.

RADDAR takes its name from an evocatively resonant acronym. Radar is designed to detect and pinpoint object, emitting a beam of waves that bounce back for analysis as a source of new knowledge. The annual review aims to train its antennae on the various complex objects of design, revealing the field’s semantic, visual, and aesthetic wealth as well as its social, political and economic dimensions.