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RADDAR N°2, Intérieurs/Interiors, a co-edition mudac/T&P Work Unit


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RADDAR, the first Franco-Swiss annual publication devoted to research on design, was founded in 2019. It takes a new step forward with this second issue, whose theme reflects the omnipresence of design in our life-styles and environments.

We invite you to take some time to read this new issue, which presents work by a number of European scholars. In their contributions our authors invite us to reflect on the subject of interior design and the issues – including the paradoxes – which this field may bring together.

RADDAR provides a space for both young and experienced researchers to express themselves on subjects relevant to design theory. Juxtaposing bilingual versions of the texts, RADDAR serves as a bridge between French and English-language research.

With texts from Michela Bassanelli, Valérie de Calignon, Irene Cieraad, Elias Constantopoulos, Deborah Feldman, Laurence Mauderli, Philippe Rahm, Patricia Wheaton and a cover by Marc Camille Chaimowicz. An original text by Penny Sparke, reproduced in English and translated into French. And a joint interview with Graeme Brooker et Javier Fernández Contreras, led by Marco Costantini and Claire Favre Maxwell.

Editors in chief
Chantal Prod’Hom, Claire Favre Maxwell, Marco Costantini

Editor in chief
Prof. Penny Sparke

Editorial board
Marco Costantini, Claire Favre Maxwell, Catherine Geel, Marie Lejault

Advisory board
Tulga Beyerle, Museums für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg
Marco Costantini, mudac, Lausanne
Claire Favre Maxwell, mudac, Lausanne
Catherine Geel, CRD-Ecole normale supérieure Paris-Saclay, Ensad Nancy
Karin Gimmi, Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich
Kornelia Imesch-Oechslin, Univesité de Lausanne
Penny Sparke, Kingston University, Londres
Emanuele Quinz, Université Paris VIII/Ensadlab

Graphic design
Julien Mercier

RADDAR N°2, Intérieurs/Interiors, a co-edition mudac/T&P Work Unit, French – English, 2020, 246 pages.