Initiated by mudac in collaboration with the French publishing house T&P Unit, RADDAR is the first annual French-Swiss journal devoted to design research.

RADDAR examines how design is involved in all areas of human activity, from means of transport to telecommunication channels, high art and pop culture, from everyday actions to philosophical reflections and social projects. How does design shape the world and how is the world in turn shaped by design?

Looking at contemporary phenomena and movements, the magazine operates like a “radar”. Each issue deals with a particular and fundamental theme of design, with a view to questioning it with researchers and designers.

Published in French and English, RADDAR allows young and experienced researchers to express themselves on themes of interest to design. The coexistence of the two languages bridges the gap between French and English-speaking research.
This journal is a joint endeavour of mudac and T&P Work Unit in Paris and is designed by Swiss graphic artist Julien Mercier.