Flat Earth


What is the flat-Earth theory? How does it twist political and scientific events to create an alternative narrative? How do people come to believe this theory? mudac invites you to find out what lies behind this conspiracy theory.

Projection of Operation Lune, a film by William Karel (2003)

Sat 07.10.23
Free admission

In this mockumentary, the director shows the US authorities seeking to cover up for the possible failure of the Apollo 11 mission by producing studio footage of man’s first steps on the Moon with the help of Stanley Kubrick.

Sung performance

Sat 07.10.23
14:15 and 15:45 (15 min)
Free admission

A sung performance of flat-Earth propaganda by Ludmila Schwartzwalder (medio-soprano) and Clément Huber (pianist).

To demonstrate the various ways flat-Earthers make use of popular culture, the two musicians perform two songs that promote the flat-Earth theory, the first of which – The Nebular Hypothesis – dates from 1898 and was written by Lady Elizabeth Blount, one of the first female proponents of this alternative theory. The second has become a global hit on YouTube: to the tune of Adele’s Hello, Amber Plaster sets new lyrics in support of the conspiratorial theory.

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Guided tour of the Keep it Flat installation

Sat 07.10.23
Free admission

Designers Antoine Foeglé and Emma Pflieger have made an inventory of the various material or informational elements used as “proof” by flat-Earthers to demonstrate the validity of their theory. This “evidence”, often drawn from popular culture, religious writings or common sense, is showcased in the Keep it Flat installation. The two designers will explain the deliberate bias of this installation, which is shaped like a disc world, and the choice of the phantom ride to illustrate the conspiratorial dynamic.

The visit will be followed by an open discussion on the power of forms and their use in narrative to understand the role of aesthetics in conspiracy theories, with the exhibition curators, Alexandra Midal, design historian and exhibition curator, and the authors of the installation.