Infinite Tangible


How do design and astrophysics interact? How did so many parameters come together to shape the cosmos that we see today? Why and by whom have things been arranged with such precision? Art, through images, sound and light, conveys the emotions aroused by these scientific and metaphysical questions.

Lecture by Thomas Hertog

Thu 07.12.23 

In his recently published book On the Origin of Time, astrophysicist Thomas Hertog presents the latest theory from Stephen Hawking, with whom he collaborated for twenty years. This theory offers a Darwinian perspective on the origins of the Universe, calling into question the laws of physics, which are engraved in stone like commandments.
Hawking and Hertog explored a deeper level where these laws evolve as the Universe itself takes shape. Hertog’s lecture will focus on this research, culminating in a revolutionary idea that is shifting our perception of our place in the cosmos. It will be followed by a signing of the author’s latest book, published by Odile Jacob.

Performance The Solitary One

Thu 07.12.23 

Featuring Klaas Verpoest (video artist), Vincent Caers (composer), Benjamin Glorieux (cellist) and Stéphane Detournay (physicist).

The Solitary One is a performative installation that transforms the most extreme and paradoxical object in our Universe – the black hole – into an immersive audiovisual experience. Through this performance, the artists help the audience experience cosmological phenomena and the driving forces and processes behind them.

The Solitary One
©Virginie Schreyen